Coming in January 2023: Kids and Youth Program on Sunday Afternoons

Coming in January 2023, we're launching our new children and youth program on Sunday evenings! There has been a growing request for our community for us to offer this, and we want to be able to have a place for this 

Using Grow Kids, we'll have a fun (and safe!) place for kids and teens to GROW as they learn about what the Bible says about God, themselves, and also have games, snacks, music, and other events.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What time will this program be? We are planning for Sunday afternoons/evenings. This will probably end up being around 5:00 PM to start.

  2. When will this start? We hope to start early to mid-January.

  3. What age groups is this for? This would be for all age groups from nursery through high schoolers. We will have opportunities for each age group.

  4. Anything for parents or adults? Most of the church's adults will be volunteering in the program, but we will have opportunities for parents and adults to come together as well.

Want More Information And Sign Up for Updates?

You can contact us at or via Facebook and our phone at 706-543-2191, or just use the form below to sign up for updates: