Sunday Worship

Worship at 11 AM and 6 PM

It seems that almost every church has some form of Sunday worship service, but why is that? Is it out of tradition or out of the love of worship? Hopefully it is out of a true heart of worship.

Thankfully, our doors are open every Sunday morning for the chance to come together as a local body of believers to fellowship and encourage one another.

Forest Heights has a blended worship service with both hymns and more contemporary worship songs. We'll have our message as well as a time to respond to the message. Come join us at 11 AM or 6 PM on any Sunday!

Why a separate Sunday evening service?

Many churches around the country have abandoned meeting on Sunday nights. Some have done it for an extension into homes around their communities, and others have done it because of dwindling attendance or lack of interest.

However, we have found people that normally wouldn’t (or couldn’t) come to a bigger morning service may come to listen to a smaller night service. Our people also like to gather another time to spend time together and hear God's Word preached and have another chance to worship before a hectic week.

Our Sunday night services are similar to the morning services except a little more laid back and a slightly smaller crowd. It usually is a different series than the morning message.

For more insight into having another service in the evening, view this article from Tim Challies.